March 31, 2008

Evangelical Arminian

Here is a link to a new blog titled Evangelical Arminian. I've started this blog in order provide resources on classical Arminian theology. I plan to include biblical support for the Arminian tradition, book reviews, web resources and more. There are far too few places to find information on authentic Arminianism. Hopefully, this blog will contribute in some small way to the advancement of Arminian theology as Christian orthodoxy.


MP said...

Look forward to more learning. You'd be the one I'd want to read to understand "authentic Arminianism." I wouldn't be the one to read to understand "authentic Calvinism" as as I'm not as articulate as you(and have never written anything worthy of being published like you :)) Again, I look forward to your posts. A brother in Christ, Matthew Peterson.

Matt O'Reilly said...

Matthew, Thanks for your kind words. I have always found your point of view helpful as well. Grace and peace, Matt O.