February 6, 2010

The Worst In Us

I'm reading Will Willimon's Proclamation and Theology tonight and was so intrigued by this quote that I thought I would share it here.  He says:

"If Christ had not preached to us, presumably we would have little reason to crucify him.  His sermons, in a sense, brought out the worst in us.  He told us the truth about God, and we hated him for it" (56).

Well, preachers, here's a new line for your sermon evaluations.  Here's a new take on Christ likeness.  Do your sermons bring out the worst in your people?  If so, it is for one of two reasons.  You're either a really bad preacher...or a really good one.


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...


Are you saying that preachers should say hard but true things, even if unpopular?

Matt O'Reilly said...

That, Andrew, is precisely what I'm saying.

Grace and peace,

Andrew said...

Well said.