March 10, 2010

Suffering and Glory

In Christianity, suffering is transformed into glory, because suffering means Christlikeness, and Christlikeness is glory.


Andrew said...

This has got to be the shortest blog entry yet seen. If you so much as reply to comments, the comments themselves will be longer than the blog entry.

Although the importance of the subject is evident, was its content important enough to warrant its own blog or were you trying to make your readers suffer with curiosity?

Matt O'Reilly said...

I've developed an appreciation for a few folks on Twitter who can pack great theological content into 140 characters or less. This was my meager attempt to do the same. Not all posts need be article length. Sometimes brevity is potent and leads the mind to further thoughfulness, which was my intent. The thought developed out of studying 1 Peter 2 for a recent sermon. The post was to be more like a seed than a dissertation. And perhaps those afflicted with curiosity will come back for more.

Andrew said...

Didn't you write a very compelling blog about sound bites?

If so, shouldn't the goal be to write densely or concisely not necessarily, .. argh .. tersely?

Not that brevity is bad ... brevity is the soul of wit .. so please do be brief ~~Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1602