May 14, 2010

Calvin on Preaching

Here's a quote on Calvin and preaching from Gerald McDermott's The Great Theologians: a Brief Introduction (IVP, 2010):
"Despite his enormous reputation as a theologian, Calvin seems to have considered his preaching to have been more important than his formal theological works.  He preached, on average, 170 sermons per year, which is more than three a week.  When he was recollecting his accomplishments on his deathbed, he mentioned his sermons ahead of his theological work" (98).
This is a good word for all pastors, especially those of us who enjoy academic theological engagement.


ἐκκλησία said...

Matt, the new graphic with the "ὁ λὁγος σᾲρξ ἐγένετο" added to the bottom looks FANTASTIC.

Well done.

Matt O'Reilly said...

Thanks very much!