May 10, 2012

Panel Review: Saying it Well by Charles Swindoll

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a book review panel at The volume under consideration is Charles Swindoll's new book on preaching, Saying it Well: Touching Others with Your Words (FaithWords, 2012). Swindoll has been preaching for almost 50 years, and anyone who has heard him knows that he is a master of the homiletic art. Saying it Well gives the reader a glimpse at how Swindoll understands and approaches preaching. It's full of practical material; and, unlike many books on homiletics, this one contains a great deal of autobiography: Swindoll teaches about preaching while telling his own story. The book is specifically geared toward preachers but would benefit any public speaker. Be sure to take a look at the reviews from the panel on My own contribution can be found on the second page.


Russ said...

Hi Matt by chance have you or do you plan to read and post a review of

Brian J. Abasciano, Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9.10–18: An Intertextual and Theological Exegesis [Library of New Testament Studies 317; New York: T&T Clark, 2011)

Thanks, Russ

Matt O'Reilly said...

Hi Russ, thanks for your comment. I don't have Brian's book, but I'd be very interested to read and review it. If you (or anyone else) want to send me a copy, I'll be happy to post about it. ;)

Russ said...

Hi Matt, I spoke with Brian and he can send you an electronic copy. He said you should have his email address, but if you don't, how can I forward that to you?



Matt O'Reilly said...

Thanks Russ. I'll email him.