Welcome to Orthodoxy for Everyone, the blog of Matt O'Reilly, which is devoted to making the Christian faith accessible to as many people as possible. So you'll find posts on a variety of topics related to Christianity, biblical interpretation, preaching, ministry, history, Methodism, and maybe a few other things also. As a Methodist pastor, my thinking has been deeply influenced by the writings of John Wesley. So you're likely to pick up a distinct Wesleyan accent in what you read. I am pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama, and an adjunct member of the faculties of New Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary and Asbury Theological Seminary. I'm also writing a  Ph.D. in New Testament studies under the supervision of Prof. A. T. Lincoln at the University of Gloucestershire. My great passion is Christian discipleship, which is why I do what I do. I began and maintain this site with the aim of improving in the disciplines of writing and careful Christian thoughtfulness. My hope is that passersby will enjoy, benefit from, and contribute to what they find here. Thanks for stopping by.